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You just got home from a big sale at Americana at Brand, bags in hand, feeling that post-shopping high. And then you get the phone call from your brother telling you that he has been arrested. Or maybe it was your cousin, or your daughter, or your friend. Whoever it was, your loved one is in trouble and you need a bail bond. Bail Bonds Direct is here to help! When it comes to Glendale bail bonds, we have the information you want and the resources you need.

Learn what to do if a loved one has been arrested in Glendale. Watch the video, call us, and let us help.

The Basics of Bail Bonds in Glendale

This is the typical order of events with bail. First, someone is arrested. Next he or she is booked, processed, and sent to a city jail. Finally, the bail is set according to the specific violation and the individual’s background records, if any. For extra information, you can look through the interesting stuff on our blog as well. The sooner you contact us, the easier the release process will be. We can give you quick approval for Glendale bail bonds in just one simple phone call. We can have your loved one released in just 15 minutes!

Exactly What You Need

At Bail Bonds Direct we understand that not every bail situation is the same. Every case requires a specific plan and procedure, including yours. One of our agents will meet with you individually to find the bail bond and payment plan that works best for you. We specialize in large bail amounts for all types of offenses. We also offer different financial options so you can bail out your loved one now and pay later. In a situation like this, the only thing that matters is helping your family member or friend.

Your Next Step

Waiting is the last thing you want to do when it comes to bail bonds in Glendale. The sooner you call, the sooner your loved one will be out of jail and back home! So give us a call and let us help you today.

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