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It All Happens In Gardena, California

Gardena is a city located in the area of Los Angeles, California. Known to locals as ‘Berryland’ since it is the home to acres and acres of berry plantations, Gardena is bordered by Athens, Harbor Gateway, Torrance, and Alondra Park, and is blessed with a mild climate. Light smog can be a problem, however, especially in the summer.

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Unlike areas like Western Ave. where higher crime rates make it unpopular for the most families, Gardena is relatively safe, especially the nicer parts like El Camino Village. However, it is better to steer clear of the direction of east of the college. Unlike Torrance where the general areas are safe, safe zones in Gardena is spotty, with decent pockets in some places and high crime areas in others, especially in apartment neighborhoods where a larger portion of the transient population reside. High schools in the city consistently rank the lowest, and homelessness is a major problem.

Most areas in the city do look nice, and you will see relatively well-kept neighborhoods, clean streets, modern malls and shops especially along Artesia, which are among the best places to visit in the area. The city is also home to a number of excellent Asian restaurants. However, crime and gang violence still do exist here, so more people are opting to live in neighboring Torrance just to avoid the rising Street and gang violence.