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It All Happens In El Segundo, California

El Segundo is a city in Los Angeles county, California, that has been made famous by its numerous mentions in songs and movies. El Segundo also has had many famous celebrities and sports stars as its residents.

If you’re planning on visiting El Segundo during the summer months, many fun and exciting activities await you. From summer camps for your kids to the amazing fireworks shows planned for the Fourth of July, you will be delighted at the welcoming atmosphere of El Segundo and its occupants.

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El Segundo’s Automobile Driving Museum has a fleet of amazing cars. Many events, from May through November, are scheduled at the museum such as the National Collector Car Appreciation Day, Concours de Ordinaire and several others.

The Old Time Music Hall encourages its guests to sing along and features “Old time comedy shorts followed by an old feature film” for a low fee. Live musicians put on concerts on Sunday evenings.

Walking around in downtown El Segundo can be a delight. With the many quaint shops and restaurants, site seeing is an easy chore with the simplicity of old America in El Segundo’s street designs.

Five star restaurants and hotels exist in El Segundo to make your stay comfortable and if you’re planning on visiting the Los Angeles community, El Segundo is definitely worth your consideration.